The following ECIR 2019 full-day workshops will take place on April 14, 2019:

1st Interdisciplinary Workshop on Algorithm Selection and Meta-Learning in Information Retrieval (AMIR)
Joeran Beel and Lars Kotthoff

Joeran Lars

AMIR brings together researchers from the fields of algorithm selection and meta-learning as well as information retrieval. AMIR aims to raise the awareness of the algorithm selection problem in the information retrieval community; identify the potential for automatic algorithm selection in information retrieval; and explore possible solutions for this context. In particular, we will explore to what extent existing solutions to the algorithm selection problem from other domains can be applied in information retrieval, and also how techniques from IR can be used for automated algorithm selection and meta-learning.

2nd International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Text (Text2Story 2019)
Alipio M. Jorge, Ricardo Campos, Adam Jatowt and Sumit Bhatia

Alipio Ricardo Adam Sumit

The 2nd International Workshop on Narrative Extraction from Text (Text2Story'19) focuses on broad aspects related to constructing consistent narrative structures from text content. We invite submissions about methods to automatically identify, interpret and relate the different elements of narratives, especially ones spread among different sources. We aim to foster the discussion on recent advances and wide-ranging issues in the link between Information Retrieval and formal narrative representations from text as well as related multi-disciplinary approaches to building text-to-narrative structures.

8th International Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval Workshop (BIR 2019)
Guillaume Cabanac, Ingo Frommholz and Philipp Mayr


The Bibliometric-enhanced Information Retrieval (BIR) workshop series at ECIR tackles issues related to academic search, at the crossroads between Information Retrieval and Bibliometrics/Scientometrics — the quantitative analysis of science and innovation. BIR is a hot topic investigated by both academia (e.g., ArnetMiner, CiteSeerX, DocEar) and the industry (e.g., Google Scholar and Dataset Search, Microsoft Academic Search, Semantic Scholar). BIR papers cover all three aspects of the search/recommendation process: 1) user needs and behaviour regarding scientific information, 2) the characteristics of scientific information, and 3) academic search/recommendation systems. Past BIR proceedings are online as open access.

Third Workshop on Social Media for Personalization And Search (SoMePeAS 2019)
Ludovico Boratto ( and Giovanni Stilo (

Ludovico Giovanni

Social media platforms have become powerful tools to collect the preferences of the users. In order to build profiles about what they like or dislike, a system does not only have to rely on explicitly given preferences (e.g., ratings) or on implicit data (e.g., from browsing sessions). In the middle, there lie opinions and preferences expressed through likes, textual comments, and posted content. Being able to exploit social media to mine user behavior and extract additional information leads to improvements in the accuracy of personalization and search technologies. In this workshop, we aim to collect novel ideas in this field.