Session 6a: Neural IR

(Room: Maternussaal, Session Chair: Jarana Manotumruksa)

Litton J Kurisinkel, Yue Zhang and Vasudeva Varma. Domain Adaptive Neural Sentence Sentence Compression by Tree Cutting

Daan Rennings, Felipe Moraes and Claudia Hauff. An Axiomatic Approach to Diagnosing Neural IR Models

Session 6b: Cross Lingual IR

(Room: Dreikönigssaal, Session Chair: Ahmet Aker)

Shadi Saleh and Pavel Pecina. Term Selection for Query Expansion in Medical Cross-lingual Information Retrieval

Goran Glavaš and Ivan Vulić. Zero-Shot Language Transfer for Cross-Lingual Sentence Retrieval with the Bidirectional Attention Model

Session 7a: QA & Conversational Search

(Room: Maternussaal, Session Chair: Claudia Hauff)

Svitlana Vakulenko, Kate Revoredo, Claudio Di Ciccio and Maarten de Rijke. QRFA: A Data-Driven Model of Information-Seeking Dialogues

Keping Bi, Qingyao Ai and W. Bruce Croft. Iterative Relevance Feedback for Answer Passage Retrieval with Passage-level Semantic Match

Session 7b: Topic Modeling

(Room: Dreikönigssaal, Session Chair: Ralf Schenkel)

Erfan Ghadery, Sajad Movahedi, Azadeh Shakery and Hesham Faili. LICD: A Language-Independent Approach for Aspect Category Detection

Daniel Pfeifer and Jochen L. Leidner. Topic Grouper: A Clustering Approach to Topic Modeling

Session 8a: Metrics

(Room: Maternussaal, Session Chair: Suzan Verberne)

Ameer Albahem, Damiano Spina, Falk Scholer and Lawrence Cavedon. Meta-Evaluation of Dynamic Search: How Do Metrics Capture Topical Relevance, Diversity and User Effort?

David van Dijk, Marco Ferrante, Nicola Ferro and Evangelos Kanoulas. A Markovian Approach to Evaluate Session-based IR Systems

Soumyajit Gupta, Mucahid Kutlu, Vivek Khetan and Matthew Lease. Correlation, Prediction and Ranking of Evaluation Metrics in Information Retrieval

Alfan Farizki Wicaksono, Alistair Moffat and Justin Zobel. Modelling User Actions in Job Search

Session 8b: Image IR

(Room: Maternussaal, Session Chair: Philipp Schaer)

Lise Stork, Andreas Weber, Jaap van den Herik, Aske Plaat, Fons Verbeek and Katherine Wolstencroft. Historical Biodiversity Retrieval: Identifying Scientific Names in Handwritten Texts

Kenny Davila, Ritvik Joshi, Srirangaraj Setlur, Venu Govindaraju and Richard Zanibbi. Visual Search using Line-of-Sight Graphs: Application to Math Formula Images

Saar Kuzi and Chengxiang Zhai. Figure Retrieval from Collections of Research Articles

Christian Otto, Sebastian Holzki and Ralph Ewerth. ''Is this an example image?'' - Predicting the Relative Abstractness Level of Image and Text