Session 1a: Modeling Relations

(Room: Maternussaal, Session chair: Karin Verspoor)

Georgios Balikas, Gaël Dias, Rumen Moraliyski, Houssam Akhmouch and Massih-Reza Amini. Learning Lexical-Semantic Relations Using Intuitive Cognitive Links

Amin Milani Fard, Ebrahim Bagheri and Ke Wang. Relationship Prediction in Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks

Puneet Agarwal, Maya Ramanath and Gautam Shroff. Retrieving Relationships from a Knowledge Graph for Question Answering

Shelan Jeawak, Christopher Jones and Steven Schockaert. Embedding Geographic Locations for Modelling the Natural Environment using Flickr Tags and Structured Data

Session 1b: Classification and Search

(Room: Dreikönigssaal, Session chair: Maria Maistro)

Mark Fisher, Dyaa Albakour, Udo Kruschwitz and Miguel Martinez-Alvarez. Recognising Summary Articles

Axel Almquist and Adam Jatowt. Towards Content Expiry Date Determination: Predicting Validity Periods of Sentences

Nektaria Potha and Efstathios Stamatatos. Dynamic Ensemble Selection for Author Verification

Wei Zhong and Richard Zanibbi. Structural Similarity Search for Formulas using Leaf-Root Paths in Operator Subtrees

Session 2a: Recommender Systems (Part I)

(Room: Maternussaal, Session chair: Marie-Francine Moens)

Alfonso Landin, Daniel Valcarce, Javier Parapar and Alvaro Barreiro. PRIN: A Probabilistic Recommender with Item Priors and Neural Models

Javier Sanz-Cruzado and Pablo Castells. Information Retrieval Models for Contact Recommendation in Social Networks

Farhan Khawar and Nevin L. Zhang. Conformative Filtering for Implicit Feedback Data

Session 2b: Graphs

(Room: Dreikönigssaal, Session chair: Joeran Beel)

Koki Kishimoto, Katsuhiko Hayashi, Genki Akai, Masashi Shimbo and Kazunori Komatani. Binarized Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Yashen Wang. Conjunctive Graph Queries Embeddings on Knowledge Graphs
Paper retracted

Corina Florescu and Wei Jin. A Supervised Keyphrase Extraction System based on Graph Representation Learning

Session 3a: Recommender Systems (Part II)

(Room: Maternussaal, Session chair: Pablos Castillis)

Xi Wang, Craig Macdonald and Iadh Ounis. Comparison of Sentiment Analysis and User Ratings in Venue Recommendation

Pierre-Edouard Osche, Sylvain Castagnos and Anne Boyer. AntRS: Recommending Lists through a Multi-Objective Ant Colony System

Mayank Singh, Rajdeep Sarkar, Atharva Vyas, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee and Soumen Chakrabarti. Automated Early Leaderboard Generation From Comparative Tables

Session 3b: CLEF Organizers Lab Track

(Room: Dreikönigssaal, Session chair: Jussi Karlgren)

Ali Hürriyetoğlu, Deniz Yuret, Çağrı Yoltar, Burak Gürel, Fırat Duruşan, Osman Mutlu and Erdem Yörük. A Task Set Proposal for Automatic Event Information Collection across Multiple Countries

David Losada, Fabio Crestani and Javier Parapar. Early detection of risks on the Internet: an exploratory campaign

Alexis Joly, Hervé Goëau, Christophe Botella, Stefan Kahl, Marion Poupard, Maximilien Servajean, Hervé Glotin, Pierre Bonnet, Willem-Pier Vellinga, Bob Planque, Jan Schlüter, Fabian-Robert Stöter and Henning Müller. LifeCLEF 2019: Biodiversity Identification and Prediction Challenges

Liadh Kelly, Lorraine Goeuriot, Hanna Suominen, Mariana Neves, Evangelos Kanoulas, Leif Azzopardi, Rene Spijker, Dan Li, Jimmy, Joao Palotti and Guido Zuccon. CLEF eHealth 2019 Evaluation Lab

Nicola Ferro, Norbert Fuhr, Maria Maistro, Tetsuya Sakai and Ian Soboroff. CENTRE@CLEF 2019

Martin Potthast, Paolo Rosso, Efstathios Stamatatos and Benno Stein. A Decade of Shared Tasks in Digital Text Forensics at PAN

Bogdan Ionescu, Henning Muller and Renaud Péteri. ImageCLEF 2019: Multimedia Retrieval in Lifelogging, Medical, Nature, and Security Applications

Tamer Elsayed, Preslav Nakov, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Maram Hasanain, Reem Suwaileh, Pepa Atanasova and Giovanni Da San Martino. CheckThat! at CLEF 2019: Automatic Identification and Verification of Claims