The European Conference on Information Retrieval is the prime European forum for the presentation of original research in the field of Information Retrieval.

ECIR 2019 is looking for high-quality submissions on theory, experimentation, and practice regarding the retrieval, representation, management, and usage of textual, visual and multi-modal information. We encourage user, system, application, and evaluation-focused papers – user aspects including information interaction, contextualisation, personalisation, simulation, characterisation, and information behaviours. System aspects including retrieval and recommendation algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, content representation, word embeddings, natural language processing, system architectures, and efficiency analyses. And applications such as search and recommender systems, web and social media apps, domain specific search (professional, bio, chem, etc.), novel interfaces, intelligent search agents/bots, conversational search agents/bots, and related innovative search tools.

In addition to these traditional topic areas, the theme of ECIR 2019 will be on new and emerging topics and applications of Information Retrieval including: conversational and intelligent search agents, cultural and social informatics, early risk prediction, digital text forensics, eHealth, incident streams, living lab evaluations, life and biodiversity retrieval, search as learning, and precision medicine.